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Cube Beam Splitters - ISO 9001 Certified & US Based

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We represent optics companies who have already gone through the process of finding and qualifying reliable optics suppliers that produce high quality optical components. We have global optics and optical supply chain partners who can provide you with reliable high quality Cube Beam Splitters.
A typical example of optical products we can provide for you:

Cube Beam Splitters are based upon using two complementary prisms. The output beam, which is parallel to the input beam, is called the p-polarized beam, while the orthogonal output beam is defined as s-polarized. The Cube Beam Splitter specifications below are general please call us today so we can qoute to your specific requirements.

General Cube Beam Splitters Specifications
Dimension Range: 3.2mm to 50.8mm
Dimensional Tolerance: ±0.2mm
Angular Tolerance: ±3 arc minutes
Surface Quality/Scratch & Dig: 60/40
Beam Deviation: 3 arc minutes
Extinction ratio: >100:1
Principal transmittance: Tp>95% and Ts<1%
Principal reflectance: Rs>99% and Rp<5%
Wavelength range: 226nm to 2300nm
Polarization beamsplitter coating: On hypotenuse
AR coating: R<0.25% per face for 4 faces

Cube Beam Splitters Narrow Size Examples: 5X5X5 to 20x20x20
X = Narrow Band Wavelengths: 488, 514, 633, 780, 850, 1064, 1300, 1550 nm

Cube Beam Splitters Broad Size Examples: 10x10x10 to 20x20x20
Y = Broad Band Ranges(nm): 1=450-680, 2=650-850, 3=900-1200, 4=1200-1550

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Blue LIne Associates is an independent sales organization specializing in Color Management, Accelerated Environmental Test Instrumentation and Electro-Optic Instruments. Our sales professionals are technically competent in these fields which allow them to help customers implement cost effective solutions. Blue Line Associates has been representing high tech manufactuerers on the west coast since 1990.

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Contact: Raina Kezelman (Blue Line Associates)
Telephone: 949-581-0743 FAX: 949-581-6838
Email: Sales & General Information: